A Woman Turned a 1966 Bus into a Comfortable and Cozy Home on Wheels

The dilapidated bus was turned into a fashionable and comfortable residence on wheels (Greyhound) in three years.


Some individuals inherit their dream home, while others meticulously select and purchase it. However, there are also eager people who build their one-of-a-kind home with their own hands. The latter story involves a brilliant American woman who purchased an old bus, outfitted it with everything she needed for a comfortable nomadic life, and gave it a charming appearance.

Jessie Lipskin was inspired to restore an old bus into a gorgeous Greyhound RV.

This incredible story began when Jessie Lipskin, a little girl, watched the documentary “Trash Warrior,” in which the main character, inspired by environmental beliefs, created a house out of everyday trash. She conceived an idea to build an eco-friendly alternative dwelling after watching eco-architect Michael Reynolds’ odd presentation in which he makes boats out of rubbish and recyclable materials.

The mobile home’s inside is entirely built of natural materials.

They were also highly impacted by the concept of minimalism, which holds that people don’t need as many items or as large residences. So, after getting rid of everything extraneous and fitting everything into one suitcase, she went in search of a suitable vehicle platform to build the tiny house on.

Jessie Lipskin sought the assistance of friends and acquaintances.

The job of renovating an old bus into a pleasant and beautiful compact dwelling began that day. Jessie began arranging the living area after removing all of the furniture and trim, as she wanted to construct an eco-friendly house that was as simple as possible: it had everything she needed for four people to live happily together.




She was able to design her dream home with a huge living area, a functioning kitchen, a well-appointed bathroom, and a bedroom. They also planned and created various huge storage rooms, including a walk-in closet and space for a mini-library.

This remarkable change was hampered by the girl’s lack of construction or carpentry abilities, let alone plumbing. She obviously couldn’t do some of the job herself, so she solicited the assistance of friends and acquaintances, and in some cases, even experts.

Enough storage space was developed with careful planning.

However, she eventually attained the desired impact, as evidenced by the images.

In the interior design, only natural wood and repurposed and salvaged natural materials were employed.

Because the creator of this one-of-a-kind RV is a nature lover, the interior was finished with exclusively eco-friendly natural materials. To conserve resources and give a comfortable lifestyle with a low environmental effect, recycled materials and wood were utilized for insulation, coatings, and numerous details, and energy efficient systems and appliances were installed.

The little house on wheels’ living area is furnished with original paintings and pictures.

Jessie added aesthetic appeal to the eco-home on wheels by installing magnificent parquet floors and painting the walls white to make the room brighter and more visually attractive. She also decided not to change the original bus windows, instead leaving them as is to enable natural light to flood the entire house. Professionals built an LED system for evening lighting, which provides a mellow light and creates a quiet and warm ambiance. Paintings adorn the freestanding walls, adding a vivid emphasis to the overall architecture of the property.

The little mobile home’s kitchen is fully equipped.

The layout of the functional areas was given great consideration by the designers. A natural wood countertop, an oven and stove, an energy-efficient washing machine, a refrigerator with a freezer, a water heater, and a gas tank are just a few of the features in the kitchen. Of course, several cabinets and shelves for keeping food and cooking tools were smartly and sensibly designed to allow for unfettered movement in this area.

The bedroom in the “eco-house on wheels” in the bus’s back. The bedroom situated in the back of the bus, has a streamlined design, and is quite light due to the bus windows being only covered with thick velvet curtains. The motor home’s little library is located in the bedroom area.

There’s also a nice double bed with an orthopedic mattress and lots of storage space underneath. Instead of a wall next to the bed, a little library was built as an original adornment for the entire room.

Greyhound, a little girl who had never met such an issue, had a fantastic concept for a self-contained sewage system. Used water and waste drain into a big tank beneath the bus’s floor, which may be emptied in a specified area. Because the water supply is stored in a separate tank, complete with water heater and all the necessary plumbing equipment, you may easily use the showers, sinks, and toilets in the house.

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A Woman Turned a 1966 Bus into a Comfortable and Cozy Home on Wheels
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