What does a girl who was born with a “clown nose” look like now?

A few years ago, a girl was born in the Lloyd family, but with a certain peculiarity on her face: she had a bright, red spot on her nose. The baby was diagnosed with hemangioma. Doctors promised that in a couple of years it would resolve and disappear. Treatment, medicines, procedures were prescribed. The parents all waited for the daughter’s appearance to change at least a little. But the stain did not disappear.

Moreover, this mole also began to increase, which greatly alarmed the parents. They were afraid that this stain would pass to the face. Plus, some tactless passers-by could make fun of the baby, calling her a clown. And because of this, the girl grew up very shy and withdrawn.


Parents were seriously engaged in the treatment of their daughter. They began to look for the best specialists to save the child from this feature. The search took three years.

The Cony had an operation, getting rid of the stain on the nose. And since that moment, the girl has changed a lot. She became open, cheerful, sociable.


The parents couldn’t be happier. And the baby is insanely happy that now they will not look at her strangely.

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What does a girl who was born with a “clown nose” look like now?
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