The couple converted a school bus into a very nice and comfy motorhome for a year

Robbie and Priscilla’s spouses reside in Florida. They then made the choice to carry out an odd plan. Young people have always wanted to travel extensively, therefore they planned to purchase a motor home for this purpose.

However, it found out that this mode of transportation is rather pricey, so they started to explore for alternatives. And what joy the pair experienced when they stumbled onto a school bus for sale advertisement. They bought it right away and started making it for themselves.

The couple needed a year to transform a regular school bus into a motor home.

But have a look at the outcome! Everything is there: a kitchen, a bedroom, a pleasant, wood-sheathed home that is 19.5 square meters in size.



The property also has energy, thanks to 6000 W solar panels installed on the roof, whose power is sufficient to run the washing machine and air conditioner.

Robbie and Priscilla may now travel in genuine comfort.

The duo has been traveling for 10 months and has already been to 137 east coast American cities. Then they arrange multiple excursions abroad.

“We are grateful for the ability to travel, see new places, eat different foods, and discover other cultures. We’ve learned a lot of new things and are still having experiences. They have a certain enchantment about them, the pair claims.

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The couple converted a school bus into a very nice and comfy motorhome for a year
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