Baby called ‘hideous’ is a gorgeous little girl now

‘Her face looked grilled’: Baby called ‘hideous’ is a gorgeous little girl now – check the comments too see her today.

Every person is beautiful in their own way, and the same goes for the newborn babies.

When a baby girl named Angelica was born in 2018, her family was overjoyed. She had beautiful facial features and a heart-shaped port wine stain which made her even more special. Sadly, not everyone saw the beauty of her unique mark.

According to Angelica’s mom, her family accepted her the way she is and even love her birthmark, but there have been those who give themselves the right to comment on this girl’s looks.

“The worst comment online that I’ve gotten is when someone asked if her face had been pushed onto a skillet. Basically, saying her face looked grilled,” Angelica’s mom, Marianna Bowering told the Mirror.

Marianna further said that there were times when her daughter was labeled “hideous” and a “defect.” This affected the family in a negative way and only added to the challenged they faced, but they were determined to overcome the negative effects of the mean words and comments.

No matter what others said, Angelica’s family taught her to love herself the way she is.

In order to help her daughter feel better, Marianna decided to paint her face with what resembled a birthmark just like the one of Angelica.

“I got the idea from vascular birthmark awareness day, where they encourage people to paint a heart on the cheeks,” the mom said, according to The Epoch Times. “Initially I just did the heart with my makeup look but then I thought why don’t I go all out and do Angelica’s port wine stain.”

Whenever someone tried to ‘comfort’ Marianna that her daughter’s mark would eventually fade away or that she could hide it with makeup once she gets older only crushed this mother even more as she couldn’t help but wonder if Angelica would be forced to hide her natural beauty instead of embracing it.

It was a reminder that societies have these norms about what a person needs to look like in order to fit the group and be accepted.


Her family has always told Angelica that she should love herself for who she is. There were times when Marianna would cover her daughter’s wine port stain with glitter so that it could shine bright.

“Thankfully, we’ve done tests and Angelica is totally healthy,” Marianna said of her girl, referring to the fact that children with these types of birthmarks can develop other health conditions. “We just need to have regular check-ups, especially for her eyes as glaucoma can be a concern.”


We are glad Angelica is taught how to love herself and embrace her birthmark.

She is a very beautiful young lady, don’t you agree?

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