Man saves puppies but quickly realizes his big mistake

What was supposed to be a clean-up of the garden turned into an eventful day for a man named Craig Mcgettrick and his co-worker.

Under an old mattress they were planning to get rid of for some time, they found a litter of puppies. The little ones seemed to be abandoned as their mother was nowhere to be seen.

They waited for some time but to no avail.

It was then that Craig assumed someone who knew they would be moving the mattress left them there on purpose.

Unable to take care of five puppies, Craig and his friend decided it would be for the best if they took the little ones to the nearest shelter.

They bought a huge box and headed towards the shelter. However, before leaving the puppies, they took some photos of them that they later uploaded on their social media. The shelter did the same, praising Craig for saving the babies.

However, a week passed by and someone who knew animals all too well realized that the babies weren’t in fact puppies, and everything took a completely different turn.

“A very sweet lady found us on Facebook and sent us images of these puppies and asked us if there was any chance that they were, in fact, fox puppies,” the shelter wrote.

After further inspection it was determined that the puppies were in fact baby foxes.

The shelter staff then contacted Craig and explained that it would be for the best if he took the fox puppies back to where he found them. They assumed that the mother fox used the mattress as a den in order to raise her babies inside.

Once Craig agreed and took the box with the puppies back in his garden, a mature fox appeared and rushed towards the babies.

She quickly snatched each of them and disappeared into the nearby woods.

Everyone was happy and relieved because they knew the little ones would be better off with their mother into the wild than at any shelter out there.

We are so glad this family of foxes reunited.

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