A girl who was bullied as a child has grown up to become a supermodel

Perhaps childhood is the most wonderful and happiest time in life for every person, however  there are children for whom this time was filled with fears, worries and depressions, which leave a huge imprint for whole life.

The girl of today’s article refers to such children as she wants to cut off memories of her childhood from memory. And the reason for this was her unusual appearance.

The girl was born with a strange face —  it seemed to be flattened. School years for Ilka Brühl were filled with continuous suffering, ridicules and humiliation.

She never had any friends or girlfriends,  and she was full of self-doubts. Over time, the girl underwent plastic surgery, but that  did not affect her appearance greatly.

That congenital defect of the face that she had was difficult to correct. She had two ways — either to get used to her extraordinary appearance and try to live an ordinary life, or to continue a reclusive life and keep her emotions to  herself. Ilka preferred the first option. One day, a photographer she knew from childhood invited her to pose for a photoshoot and she agreed, not even thinking what it could result in.

And the result was n incredible success on the Internet, as numerous users were delighted with the appearance of the girl. Advertising agencies were also interested in an unusual girl and Ilka received several offers of cooperation from agencies.


So, a happy accident turned the «ugly duckling» into a popular model as photographers have their own vision of beauty. In the abundance of beautiful and already familiar faces, which are all somewhat similar to each other, the unusual “alien” beauty attracts the attention of the public more..


Maybe Ilka’s example will be an impetus for other girls with a non-standard appearance to love and believe in themselves, to look at themselves from another angle — the view of a creative person.

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A girl who was bullied as a child has grown up to become a supermodel
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