Bullies laughed at their daughter’s face – but watch her 25 years later

Bullies made fun of their daughter’s appearance, but look at her now, 25 years later.

when she made all of her critics silent Lizzie Velasquez discovered she was unique when she entered kindergarten. Additionally, this was the first time she had experienced bullying. Lizzie Velasquez was born in 1989 weighing under 1 pounds.

She weighed only 2 pounds and had a face that stood out from the other newborns in the maternity hospital. Her illness, known as Marfan Syndrome, is incredibly rare and only very seldom will anyone in the world suffer from it, according to the medical professionals who diagnosed her. Lizzie’s condition prevents her from storing abdominal fat, and she is also unable to build up her vocabulary. This causes her to age more quickly than others who do not suffer from the sickness, and she remains blind in one eye.

Lizzie’s visage was called “disgusting” during her childhood, and in kindergarten, children began making fun of her. “At the moment, I wondered how everyone appeared to me. She said, “I didn’t distinguish or know they didn’t contemplate according to me. However, when Lizzie was 16 years old, she experienced bullying at its worst. She would regularly search the internet and would come upon a popular recording on YouTube. She was the subject of a disturbing audio recording that was posted online. The person who made the video quickly amassed billions of views. In the clip, she is referred to as “the ugliest female in the world” and performs a ball-bust while having an awful chat that is broadcast for all to hear.

When Lizzie watched the video, she claimed that everything around her fell apart. There was nothing unmarried or poorly communicated about her despite her careful examination of all the aversions. It is insane to think that tens of thousands of people are able to sit at their computers and behave in a way that effectively intimidates a 16-year-old girl who is suffering from a severe illness.

How can the ordinary population manage to get some shut-eye at night? greater than her detractors For the vast majority of people, this destination would be difficult to comprehend. However, Lizzie is not, according to almost everyone. She demonstrated her strength to all of her detractors. At the age of 28, Lizzie is an outstanding businesswoman.

She travels to all corners of the globe and speaks with people about her health and way of life. She uses her aggressive bullying prevention technique on her YouTube channel, which has more than 700,000 subscribers. “That is my goal. I’ll have to carry on doing that for the rest of my life.

I want to be convinced that I’m not just interested in influencing my story; rather, I’m interested in influencing everyone’s story,” Lizzie added. All of the cruel people who wrote negative things about Lizzie ineffectively tried to bring her down.

Lizzie has proven to them that she is far more powerful than they are and more amazing than they will ever be, thanks to her demonstration of her superior strength. Lizzie has a remarkable family and career, is a university graduate, and has authored a best-selling book about her life.

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Bullies laughed at their daughter’s face – but watch her 25 years later
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