A baby who was born with a birthmark on his forehead in the form of a heart. What does he look like at 6 years old?

Many people are born with birthmarks on their bodies.
But today we will introduce you to a boy who was born with an unusual and very cute spot. When he was born, the baby’s dad did not understand what was on his forehead, and even tried to wipe off some dirt, as he then thought.

But the «dirt» did not wash off. After all, a boy named Chinar was born with a birthmark in the form of a heart.


At the moment, Chinar is already six years old and he is a local celebrity. The heart on the forehead has become even brighter and everyone around loves to be photographed with it because it is very cute and unusual.


As the doctors promised, this spot should disappear at the age of 6-8 years, but while it is there, no one is worried about this. After all, the boy is a real celebrity.


Nature has tried!



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