Man Discovers Cutest Little Squirrels Napping Outside His Window

Ludwig C. Timm spotted some activity at his German home a few months ago. It turned out that there was a small building project going on right outside his bathroom window.

According to Timm, initially they didn’t pay much attention to the few tiny twigs that were on the ledge. Moreover, they believed the wind had carried it there. Afterwards they noticed the squirrels constructing.

The location for the squirrels’ nest and future family was their choice.

The unexpected arrival gave Timm, a photographer, a once-in-a-lifetime chance to picture squirrels up close, particularly as the fuzzy family started to grow.

But the nest was more than just a place to live. It was also a nursery.

Timm has closely monitored the squirrels and their developing young outside his window during the months. One jumps out among the images of their daily existence, though.

When Timm checked on the nest the other day. He saw the squirrels snuggled up and taking a nap:

Later Timm shared that he was incredibly fortunate to be able to shoot the image of the sleeping squirrels. The birds usually sleep inside the nest, but because it was so hot that day, they chose to sleep outside.

A few sleeping squirrels can seem like a straightforward scenario. But experiencing it directly is priceless.

And the first few twigs outside Timm’s window were what started it all.

He remarked that it was a nice coincidence!

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Man Discovers Cutest Little Squirrels Napping Outside His Window
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