“I hit doorways” What a girl with record long legs looks like

Perhaps every girl’s dream are long, lean “legs from the ears.” It turns out, though, that a gift from nature like having excessively long legs can be bothersome to its mistress. The new record holder and possessor of the longest legs in the world, 17-year-old Maki Karrin from the USA, is aware of this personally.

At the age of 17, Maki is 208 cm tall. It’s probable that the girl will continue to grow and not end there. The girl’s legs are, incidentally, precisely measured; the first one measures 135.3 cm in length and the second one measures 134.3 cm. The current undisputed world record is this.

By the way, a centimeter’s worth of difference is thought to be a physiological norm and doesn’t bother the owner. However, another issue is inconvenient. Maki claims that the girl just cannot move without touching doorways or hanging lamps with her head in a typical residence.

And there aren’t any sales on clothing that fits the girl’s size. For the majority of items, poppies must be produced to order. Even regular leggings are custom-made for her based on her unique measurements. However, the young woman is quite successful at basketball. Maki now participates in school athletics, but she is open to the idea of playing professionally in the future.

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“I hit doorways” What a girl with record long legs looks like
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