Clarence Purvis Proved to Everyone that True Love Exists

Clarence Purvis demonstrated to everyone the existence of pure love. He is 93 years old and spent 63 years living with his deceased wife. And the man’s emotions persisted even 4 years after she passed away.

Young lovers from Georgia, Clarence and Carolyn Purvis, fell in love in 1948. When the girl received her high school diploma, the couple got married. They were married for 63 years before death broke them apart.

They have been eating at the same Smith’s restaurant in Reidsville every day for the past 13 years. Even after Caroline passed away four years ago, Clarence has continued to practice this habit.

Pointing to a picture of his wife the man highlights her presence next to him throughout all their life and even now.

He orders a dish from the daily special menu while sitting at the same table in the restaurant every day.

The individual had integrated himself into the business, according to the restaurant’s owner. She thinks that many people were moved by his dedication.

Clarence claimed that on occasion, he was told to simply find another woman. He claims that some individuals believe that he simply cannot accept loneliness in this manner.

As the man asserts that no other couple loved each other that much as they did. “We always had the same desires and aspirations.”

They were inseparable throughout the duration of their marriage.

They would eat supper, come home, watch TV, go to bed, and adore one another, he said, summarizing their regular day. Then what? They for sure had all the things we needed.

About 125 times a month, Clarence makes a trip to his wife’s cemetery, and he often thinks of her. The man keeps his wife’s grave in pristine shape despite his advanced age.

He said, “I miss her so terribly. “I am constantly aware of her being with me.”

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Clarence Purvis Proved to Everyone that True Love Exists
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